Saving Solutions

There is a variety of saving plans which can be tailored to your needs, including:

Tax Exempt Savings
Regular Savings..

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Tax Planning

Inheritance tax planning is an important element of your wealth management strategy, as it allows you to continue to help your loved ones after you’re gone.

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University Fee Planning

We all want our children to have good prospects, which is why education fees planning is a vital wealth management matter that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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We are a Private Trust that services high networth clients that have over 100 million Euros.

Freedom Trust is an International Financial Planning operation with offices in multiple jurisdictions over the world. Working with Freedom Trust gives me the ability to access global markets.

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Auto Bond Clearing Desk


Global network, local knowledge

We have developed AI technology to trade within the bond exchanges.


Our AI Technology has been built over the last 2 years. Today, we are self-funded.


We feel the future in trading will be done by robots not by humans. From the buy-sell spread, we will use the profits to help other startup companies.

Our Team

We have developers and staff that have put their best efforts into the project, and we look forward to serving our Trust clients.


How does the Freedom Trust bond Service work?

The buy and sell process:


Buyers load the cash in the Buyer's Trust Account and the sellers' loads the Asset Class (bonds) on Freedom Trust Account. Our Trust Officers are well trained to monitor and manage the buy and the sell process. The trust officer and Trade desk staff make sure the trades happen safely and efficiently for both sides of the transaction. Our objective is to have an equally happy buyer and seller in each and every transaction.


What happens at the point of the transaction occurring?


The buyer:

When the buyers cash is loaded in their trust account then buyers can see a cash balance in their account, visible on the software.


The seller:

When the seller loads their Asset Class (bonds) on their account on the bond desk then the seller will see the Asset Class balance on the software.


How do we build trust?

We are able to handle up to 100 Billion dollar swap transactions but we understand that it is imperative to build trust between both the buy and the seller.

Our recommendation:

We recommend that we start with a small amount of 100 million, that amount being decided by our Trust Staff and client's, both - (buyer and seller).


Does the Buyer meet the seller?

The buyer does not meet the seller as we handle the transaction on behalf of the seller and the buyer.

How do the introducers get paid?


We have the introducers sign up in a genealogical order, via a referral link. If they do not submit to being signed up, then they cannot get paid. We do not pay introducers. The intorducers become clients of the trust where they become the buyer and the seller. Please speak to trust officer for explaination.

Do we pay the introducers in fiat currency?


Yes we pay after the trade is done in the fiat currency.

How does it work?


Steps that have to be followed:


Client (buyer or seller) will sign up under the person that directly introduced the client to Freedom Trust. Our AI will perform a quick check. If client is accepted, then they will be forwarded to our dashboard to login. Only Clients (buyers or sellers) are required to complete the KYC - Know Your Client documents. These documents will be located on the dashboard and will be contactable once they log in with their unique code and password. Buyer and seller must complete the KYC forms to prove history of funds and ownership of asset.


Does the persons that have introduced the client either buyer or seller have to fill in a KYC form?


No (unless they themselves wish to take on the role of a principal buyer or seller). Direct introducers will be earmarked to be paid commissions in real time as each transaction completes successfully.


Is this KYC necessary for every Buyer and Seller to have to fill in?

Yes. In fact it has to be done to comply with International Finance Compliance and AML Anti Money Laundering laws. KYC forms cannot be left out of the compliance process step as Launchpad compliance staff are expected to know their client fully as they may be asked questions by both regulatory and crimes units about any account in question.


Once the KYC is completed and compliance is passed what happens next?


At this point the client will read and complete the agreement and will then receive a welcome to operate personal email.


Do the above steps have to be redone every time the buyer or seller want to re transact in any way?




The client can now do at his leisure multiple transactions on the Freedom Trust AI system including, the buying of Asset Classes, the selling of Asset Claesses, the withdrawal of cash or Asset clasees from the account or the depositing of cash or Asset Classes from his/hers or their account.


Do the introducers get renumerated only once on the first transaction?




This is the beauty of the system. Once an introducer is locked in, they will get paid in real time on every trasaction as the buyer or the seller.


The Freedom Trust system has been built in a way where it’s unique AI makes sure that everyone wins.
The winners will be.

a) Freedom Trust and its staff.
b) The buyer.
c) The seller.
d) The introducers.



We have designed Freedom Trust so that it is both safe and user friendly for both buyers and sellers alike. It was designed to also take the despair and mistrust out of buyer and seller transactions and afford equitable comfort to both our buyers and sellers in being able to do multiple ongoing buy/sell transactions.



Let us manage your funds

We offer manage trade where clients that want to invest in manage trades.


How does it work?


The trust will manage the funds of the client. The Trust has clients that sell Asset class with a discount. The Discount could be 10% off the market price. This gives the investor a chance to make a profit from the discount collected. The Trust and the investor will share in the profits. We will use your Asset Class or Cash to complete the trade with the buyer and/or the seller. We accept Cash or Asset Class positions from 100 million to north of 10 Billion plus.


Cash or Asset Class must be on deposit at all times. Clients will enter into a trust management agreement.





A vast number of buy/ sell transactions never get completed as either one or the other, the buyer or the seller seems to hold the upper hand which usually results in no trust or minimal trust and subsequently failed transactions.


At Freedom Trust, we have spent countless hours in development and research to bring you a system where both buyer and seller can transact in equitable comfort and safety.


We ask new clients to simply join us and try us out with a small transaction. We are sure that once you have you will see that our system will be the one for you going into your financial future.